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This Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) training program is designed for educators and leaders to help them create inclusive, engaging, and positive learning environments. It offers the latest strategies and evidence-based practices for responding to individual student needs, promoting positive behaviours and healthy social relationships, and building a supportive network within the school community.

Courses in the education pathway are self-paced and can be accessed online anytime, offering much-needed flexibility for school staff. Our annual subscription model also allows access to courses throughout the year, catering to different experience levels and specific educational needs. Get in touch to find out more about our subscription options.


Education Learning Pathway

Starting with foundational techniques, the education learning pathway moves through to more advanced topics such as specialised strategies for diverse classrooms and trauma-informed educational practices.

Course Level Course Name
Foundations in Functional Behaviour Assessment and Behaviour Support Planning
Responding to Challenging Behaviour: 7 Steps to Staying Grounded
Person-Centred Active Support (PCAS)
Positive Behaviour Support
Disability in the Classroom
Working Effectively with Complex Care Teams
Setting Up Successful Environments
Trauma-Informed Positive Behaviour Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Just a few of the questions we get asked all the time.

In the education learning pathway, key topics include classroom management, instructional strategies, student assessment techniques, special education, educational technology, diversity and inclusion, and social-emotional learning.

PBS training helps educators develop new teaching strategies, support diverse learners and stay current with educational research to enhance student learning outcomes and engagement.

Teachers, school counsellors, special education professionals, and any school leaders involved in the educational process should participate in PBS training to stay updated with current teaching methodologies and student support practices.

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