Behaviour Support Practitioners

Transformative behaviour support practitioner training

As a behaviour support practitioner, you’re right at the heart of a rapidly changing field, supporting people with increasingly complex behavioural needs. Your role in safeguarding and improving the wellbeing of these individuals is more important than ever. 

Yet, we know that it comes with some difficult challenges, including the need for modern, practical strategies and meeting the demand for trauma-informed care. That’s what we offer at Specialist Behaviour. Our programs are a blend of innovation and evidence-based best practices designed to empower you with the skills needed to make a long-lasting impact and foster your professional growth.


Behaviour support practitioner training designed with you in mind

Qualifications are one thing. Growth is another. That’s why we design our learning experiences to equip you with more than a certificate. You’ll come away with skills, strategies, and resources you can apply in your work, as well as the confidence to advocate for positive behaviour support in your daily life.



Fostering professional growth for behaviour support practitioners

Delve into our carefully curated online training programs, a hub for behaviour support practitioners who are looking to deepen their expertise and stay ahead of the curve. These courses cover everything from the basics of behaviour support to the advanced aspects of trauma-informed care. They offer a combination of highly researched theoretical knowledge and practical application. With interactive quizzes and takeaway resources, you’ll see an immediate positive impact on your practice. Delivered online for self-paced learning or as a virtual workshop, you can engage with a community of your peers and experts, enriching your professional network and knowledge.

Relevant training courses

Courses designed for behaviour support practitioners. Courses designed for you.


A collaborative approach to clinical services

Beyond training, Specialist Behaviour offers a range of clinical services, providing hands-on experience and guidance in implementing robust strategies and behaviour support plans. With a focus on collaboration, our team works alongside you, offering support in functional behaviour assessments, secondary case consultations, and supervision. These specialised services are tailored to meet the unique needs of the individual you care for, ensuring that you’re equipped with not just knowledge but also the confidence to bring positive, personalised strategies into your practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We’re here to help with information and answers about our services.

You can participate in four levels of our behaviour support practitioner training: core, proficient, advanced, and specialist. If you want to gain more expertise as a behaviour support practitioner, check out our different training options.

The three principles that guide a PBS practitioner’s work are person-centred, partnership, and planning. These principles form the framework for positive and meaningful care and support. 

When you train with Specialist Behaviour, you benefit from a safe, inclusive space and an enriching learning experience, thanks to our highly qualified facilitators. You’ll also come away with positive, person-centred strategies that enhance the support you provide.

No. While behaviour support practitioners and psychologists can work together, their roles differ. A behaviour support practitioner has a particular skill set that allows them to focus on their area of expertise: providing positive behaviour support practices.

Yes. As a registered positive behaviour support practitioner, you can prepare and write an individual’s behaviour support plan. You can also work with other qualified practitioners, such as an individual’s therapist, to produce a behaviour support plan.

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